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Harsh Times Movie Review. A gritty drama about a disappointed military vet and his best pal, who are headed in a downward spiral in. A movie review by james berardinelli.

harsh times movie review
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A strong directorial debut from writer david ayer, harsh times is a compelling, often visceral, and even heartbreaking drama about inner city crime and a former military soldier struggling with ptsd featuring a terrific central performance from christian bale. Although not without a few third act missteps and a handful of redundant moments, harsh times is a ballsy, brave, and blisteringly intense movie.

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As its title suggests, harsh times is a dark, rough movie. Ayer says that the film’s characters are largely based on the people he knew when he lived in south central los angeles.

Harsh Times Movie Review

Despite the slow start that had me, an avid fan of christian bale, shifting uncomfortably in my seat, it is never the less witty, ingenious, and a pleasure to watch.Director david ayer does create a believable world of street life but the plot ambles on.F rom the creators of training day comes training day 2, err, harsh times, yet another david ayer story about a murderous psycho (christian bale) with one hand in crime and the other in law enforcement.a former army ranger traumatized by his combat duty in afghanistan who’s determined to work for the lapd, bale’s jim spends his days and nights driving around his south central hometown.Fans of training day will certainly enjoy this movie, as there are many.

First and foremost, harsh times is a character study of a man whose psychotic dark side is rising up to dominate his personality.Full review rob thomas capital times (madison, wi)Harsh times is a 2005 american action crime film written and directed by david ayer in his directorial debut.Harsh times is a morality tale against today’s macho attitudes among young men in our urban areas, but its unappealing main characters and constant obscenities will turn off most moviegoers.

Harsh times is all those things but the problem is who wants to watch this?Harsh times is an english movie released on 10 november, 2006.Harsh times is both sophisticated and ambitious, with intriguing character development.Harsh times is confidently filmed.

Harsh times is dark and brutal, not the kind of film that lures a large audience or garners awards, although it deserves both.Harsh times is the story of a gulf war veteran suffering from traumatic experiences in the war, trying to settle down back at home.Harsh times speaks of consequences for our actions and depicts a character agonizing about killing a friend.Harsh times training day screenwriter david ayer’s directing debut is a flawed but fascinating contemporary crime drama featuring intense performances by christian bale and breakout star freddy.

However, it’s also a look at how war, because of its need to legitimatize killing and turn people into weapons, can result in the dissolution of humanity.However, the movie gets really busy really fast with jim’s (the this movie is not only bad, it’s (dare i say it) gigli bad.I honestly believe that christian bale’s performance in this movie was truly outstanding.If denzel washington can be rewarded for best actor in training day then bale deserves his just rewards for harsh times.

It has violence, profanity and sexual situations.It makes the case that jim’s combat experience is of a piece with his life as a young man in urban los angeles.It makes the case that jim’s combat experience is of a piece with his life as a young man in urban los angeles.It’s certainly not hollywood in any discernible way, and mr.

Its moral lessons just aren’t as strong or uplifting as they should have been.Overall, harsh times does not provide an enjoyable enough time.Set in south central los angeles, the film stars christian bale and freddy rodriguez.The acting is solid and the story runs at a steady pace, until the end, when the story speeds up and attempts a more suspenseful turn.

The movie is directed by david ayer and featured christian bale and eva longoria as lead characters.The premise of the film seems decent with a gulf war veteran suffering from post.This movie is not only bad, it’s (dare i say it) gigli bad.Two unredeemable guys get into.

“harsh times” is rated r (under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian).“it’s sad this had to happen, but if the situation is hopeless enough, this is the right thing to do.”